Footprinter report: Naomi High from Honduras

So I’ve been here in Honduras a few months now and I think I’ve just about got used to living here. The thing that I’ve found about living in a different country with a different culture and language is that you feel like a child again, learning everything from scratch. I remember my first day with everything feeling so surreal and completely new. We were greeted at the airport and went with my host sister of my host family, and staff of the organisation to […]

Footprinter report: Tim Hibbin – September & October Newsletter

I’ve got a lot of thinking to do… The last couple of months have been a very busy couple of months. September started off with 5 new volunteers coming to the YDC where I live, so I was living with 6 other people. It was pretty chaotic at times, and as you can probably imagine it was a rush as to who got to the bathroom first in the mornings! I also had a weekend away with the church that I am a part of […]