Anna Haas final footprinter report

The last couple of months at our project, Mitchell House were very busy. We had a June/July holiday that lasted about three weeks so by the time we arrived back, only three weeks remained! During the holiday my family decided to come and visit which was lovely. We took part in a Nomad Tour and travelled round Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in a truck for two and a half weeks. It was a fantastic experience – my personal highlight was flying over the Okavango Delta […]

Laura Pennycook: First report from Guyana

After being in Kwakwani for over 2 weeks, it’s easy to forget exactly where I am because the jungle is kept so well at bay. But I got some context last night when Bryher and I climbed the hill behind our house in time for sunset – we are completely surrounded by seemingly impenetrable rainforest, the only way in or out is via a minibus on the bumpiest road ever and the sounds of insects/birds/cockerels wafting around provides a permanent soundtrack. September is supposed to […]

Michael Sleeman final footprinter report from Fiji

Image source Seven and a Half Month (Final) Report Bula everyone for the final time! Crazy as it seems, my time in Fiji has come to an end and I am now in the process of adapting back to a Western way of living (and a rather cooler climate) in New Zealand before returning to the UK to start uni. I’m not entirely sure where this last two and a half months have gone but they have certainly been jam packed in one way or […]

Kirsty Scott – Final Footprinter Report from Otjikondo

In my last report I mentioned the school drama ‘Scheherazade’. This was performed on Parent’s Day (in July) along with us displaying the learner’s work in the art room and selling handmade crafts to their friends and families! Despite Parent’s Day being the focal point of the term, it certainly wasn’t the only thing that happened. Between talent shows, soccer games, music concerts and countless visitors we barely had time to stop. Right at the beginning of term I helped organise and attended Faustinus’ (the […]