Laura Pennycook: 3rd Report from Guyana

A day in the life of a jungle dweller – Saturday 20th February 2016 I was woken at 5 to a bus blaring its horn outside. Bryher was going to Georgetown to collect a package from home so had been up since 4 prepping herself for the 5 hour journey down the bumpiest trail in Guyana (in my opinion). I tried to get back to sleep but half an hour later Cheniah, a Grade 7, came to drag me out to basketball practise. Kwakwani is […]

Jem Warner: First Report from Rwanda

Rwanda is a country rich in culture and my time here so far has been incredible, with the bustle of Kigali, the tranquility of the countryside and the ubiquitous banana and avocado trees. Although I was initially a little apprehensive about the local cuisine, it turns out goat is quite tasty, and so is banana beer. Of course, Rwanda is a country with a recently dark past. The genocide of 1994 was on a huge scale, with an estimated one million people killed within 90 […]