Ngambenyi Update: April 2016

We recently heard from Charles Coldman, Director of African Promise, on the progress that’s being made at Ngambenyi school in Kenya.  We are so excited about this school: we are funding the entire school building project, the biggest we’ve ever done, and we made the decision having worked with Charles in much smaller ways on the other schools African Promise has supported in the area. African Promise are fantastic and doing all of the hard work needed to get this school off the ground…here is the […]

Otjikondo turns 25!

Happy 25th Birthday to all of our dear friends at Otjikondo school in Namibia.  Here is an advert which the school put in the local paper to celebrate their big day.

Laura Pennycook: 4th Report from Guyana

I was wondering why I’d put on some weight since arriving in Guyana – or as the locals say, ‘Miss you gat phaaaaat, man!’ Then I realised the answer is in the question: I live in Guyana. I am 100% not complaining as you will soon find out how good the food is, but I wouldn’t say no to a massive salad now and then. Something I never thought I would say… So, here’s your guide to the Guyanese diet. FRUIT!!!: starting with what should […]