Lucy Mytton’s first footprinter report (India)

It’s nearly one month until I get on the plane and fly east to India for one whole year. I will be running art projects and workshops for the whole 12 months. Working with disadvantaged children in and around Vellore, Tamil Nadu, as well as travelling across and up to tribal villages in Jawadhu Hills too. I find it quite a challenge in itself to really explain how I feel about going. I’ve been organising and preparing for the trip since March 2016. It’s always felt […]

Hector Wotherspoon: Footprinter off to Ghana

Hector Wotherspoon

15 days to go… and counting! I’m so excited to be heading out to Ghana in the New Year. “Woah, hold on a minute.. Ghana? I thought he was going to Nepal?”. Due to problems outwith both mine and Project Trust’s control I was unable to secure a visa to volunteer there. So Ghana it is! While I was very excited about the prospect of Nepal – Ghana seems just as good, if not a better, alternative. The project is really rural – just how […]