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8th August 2011

Jordan Wilson: Initial post

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Okay, so I thought it was about time I got down to writing this report, as I am leaving in 35 days (a scary thought!)?

Its hard to know where to start when talking about such a life-changing subject. Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself and how I came to writing this report. People would probably normally say that from a young age they were always going to take a year out, I was definitely not one of those children. Up until about Primary 7 I absolutely hated staying over night at anyones houses, even my best friends who both live in the same village as me; this is probably worrying coming from someone who has decided to leave home for a year, but you will be glad to know I have definitely grown out of this phase in my life. When I got the age of about 15 and University was being talked about, there was part of me that just wanted to explore but I kept saying No because I only focused on the negatives of leaving home, like missing my family, and not the positives, which I could not possibly fit onto one page. At the beginning of sixth year we got lots of talks about our options for the year ahead and this is when I heard of Project Trust. I decided to go along to the talk with my friend Jess to keep her company. I think it was the enthusiasm of Ally (who was doing the talk) that really swayed it for me.

Project Trust has a weeks selection course up on the Isle of Coll. They really push your boundaries; getting you to dig lazy beds, teach lessons and so much more its like a mini gap year in itself! In the end I did get selected but to be honest, I still wasnt 100% sure of what I wanted to do with myself and when I found out that I did have this decision to make, I was nervous and scared and I didnt know what to do. I talked to everyone about it, including ex-gappers, but in the end, the decision was really up to me. Obviously I decided to go, as I wouldnt be sitting writing this if I hadnt and I am so glad that I did. I decided whilst walking to Asda; thinking to myself that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that I should go for it!

Since then it has been fundraising, exams, and then more fundraising. And after the fundraising it has been rucksack shopping, walking boot shopping the list is endless! I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who have helped and supported me over the last few months; I couldnt have done it without you all.

I have just got back from training on Coll, which can definitely be said to be an emotional roller coaster; I have never felt so low at one point and then high the next. But it was all worth it, I met my family for the next year and they are all amazing people and I now know that I will be an super teacher and that Im going to get the most I can possibly get out of my year. This year is going to give me so much: Im going to experience a new culture, meet so many amazing people, including my country group. We all get on so well and I think that we are going to be the best family of 8 that you can get! I know I will come back from this year with a changed perspective on life and a truly amazing experience that will be with me forever. Though even with all these exciting thoughts and feelings, I have been an emotional wreck. I have sat and cried for what feel like hours, I have cried at the most pathetic of things; I have had doubts about leaving. In all honesty I am scared. I know that in the next year I will miss home, I will most likely become ill and I will definitely cry. But this is normal and I would be slightly worried if these things didnt happen.

But looking back on this, I can see that the positives of this year definitely rule out the negatives and that I am going to have a magical year in Namibia.

Thanks again for all your help and support, you will be hearing from me soon (when Im in Otjikondo!). I cant wait.


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