Porridge and Pens build 4 classrooms!

In 2018, Hazel’s Footprints “third aim” grant funding supported the construction of 4 new classrooms at the Brightlingsea School, Kumasi, Ghana. Here’s an update from our partner on-the-ground, Porridge and Pens Ghana.  

New classroom at Brightlingsea School Ghana

Brightlingsea School in Ghana

“The trustees of Porridge and Pens Ghana would like to update you on funding you kindly sent us to construct 4 new classrooms at the Brightlingsea School, Kumasi Ghana.

  • We are so pleased to let you know all 4 news classrooms (and our school library) were completed in 2018.
  • We have been able to enrol many more students. We’ve also ensured that existing students are able to move up the school as they complete each year. It’s a huge achievement for us. It means students will now be able to stay at the school until they have complete their entire primary school education.
  • Then they will move onto the nearby, government funded Junior High School.

“We use one of the newly built classrooms as a school library. The library is used every day of the week by pupils. It’s also used by children from the community on Saturdays, where we offer a free breakfast and reading club.

Impact of the classrooms

“The impact of the new classrooms has been significant to the families of the children at the Brightlingsea School. Children’s parents are able to seek employment during the day time. The additional classrooms have meant parents are able to continue employment as their child can continue to attend school.

“Previously, before the school existed lots of parents were unemployed, especially children’s mothers. They had been often tied to their homes because of childcare and no nearby school.

“We also found many parents, who had no option but to work, left their children at home alone all day, or took them to work with them.

“The schools impact is benefiting the community in ways we didn’t anticipate. Slowly we are helping break the cycle of poverty in the village.

“We want to thank all those at Hazel’s Footprints Trust for believing in Porridge and Pens. Thank you also for granting us such significant funds.

“Although we haven’t managed to paint or plaster all the new classrooms yet, we hope to do some by September 2019, when funds allow.”



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