Footprinter report: Cameron Sinclair

For the last 6 months I have been volunteering in the Himalayas which has been a whirlwind of fun and amazing experiences. I have learnt so much in the time I have spent abroad which has taught me many things I could not hope to find anywhere else. One great aspect about volunteering is the number of amazing and interesting people you meet from all over the world. I now have friends on every continent and have already started visiting them. Even though you get […]

Cameron Sinclair: Initial report

I am getting prepared to leave for India in one week’s time. I am so excited to get out into the unknown and explore a completely different culture. I am going to be volunteering at a small school in the northwest Himalaya in a region called Ladakh which has been a refuge for Tibetans leaving Tibet. I am going to run conversational classes with a mix of older kids who dropped out of school, Tibetan refugees and other children in the close vicinity to the […]