Richeldis Brosnan returns from volunteering in China

school china Richeldis Brosnan

Richeldis Brosnan was awarded of our Footprinter Grants to travel to Jiayuguan, China as a volunteer in a school. Here she reflects on here time there – she certainly kept very busy! On the evening of the 29th of January all the Project Trust volunteers based in China were sent an email informing us that we were to evacuate China immediately. What ensued was a stressful 48 hours of travelling halfway across the globe, arriving back in the UK on the 31st of January. Although […]

Nik Janus reports from China – an epidemic is surging!

chinese new year in snow

Nik Janus is currently in China working as a volunteer teacher. He has sent us a report on how he’s getting on as a new coronavirus spreads across the country and beyond.  Since my last report there’s a virus rampant throughout China which is spreading around the world now it seems. Hopefully, Project Trust will not see this as a big enough crisis to warrant sending the volunteers home early. What’s interesting is that there’s isn’t very much concern among the Chinese people. The school we are at is […]

Two months in to China – Nik Janus

glass bridge china

Nik has been in China for two months now – he’s already come a long way since his first report. We’re really impressed that the Mandarin learning is coming on so fast!  After a couple of months in China I’m starting to pick up the language; Although I am struggling with the characters, my speaking is starting to improve as well as my listening. It can be pretty frustrating when you are able to understand what somebody is saying but you’re unable to answer them! […]

Richeldis Brosnan updates on her first 4 weeks in China

Hot pot

Richeldis Brosnan reports on her experience in China so far, four weeks into her time volunteering with Project Trust. This report follows her previous report on her thoughts before she set off from home. Richeldis was awarded one of our Footprinter Grants to help with her work.  I have been in China for four weeks. It is safe to say that we never quite know what requests our host school has for us each day. So far, my partner, Jamie, and I have been instructed […]

First report from China by Nik Janus

Beijing for 2 nights

Nik Janus has just arrived in China for his year of teaching, partly-supported by Hazel’s Footprints Trust. Nik is from our local area – the Scottish Borders – and we’re amazed that he feels China doesn’t seem all that far from here! Nik also shared his thoughts ahead of the trip, back in May. Report from Nik Janus as he arrives in China The travel to China was a horrendous ordeal as we had a 7 hour flight from London to Dubai and then also a 7.5 […]

Nik Janus on his fundraising boost for China

A year in China

Nik Janus will be heading to China this year to volunteer in teaching. We were delighted to support this local chap with a Footprinter Grant. Good luck Nik!  Nik Janus with some early thoughts on his year in China So, it’s the day of my finding out that I am being sponsored for £800. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders as it makes my job of fundraising a lot easier than it was. There is a plethora of emotions […]

Richeldis Brosnan reports ahead of year in Jiayuguan

Footprinter is off to Jiayuguan

September 14th 2018 was the day I announced to my parents that I wanted to do a gap year in China with the Project Trust. They were immensely supportive and in October I went off to Coll for the Project Trust Selection course. I remember the day when I got the email saying that Project Trust had accepted me as a volunteer, I was on the bus unable to open the email on my phone and had to wait until I got to school to […]

Break Dancing and Broken Buses by Natalie Smyth

Three months in and things here are going well. Teaching is a huge part of my daily life and I’ve had some really funny lessons. I try to make my lessons as interactive and involved as possible, the students here work so hard and so late that I feel it’s nice to give them a bit of a break from their textbooks. Lessons start at 6 30am and go on until 9 30pm, and our student friends are always walking around with a stack of […]

Leaving Home, Arriving in China by Natalie Smythe

Sitting in Newcastle airport waiting for my flight to China was possibly one of scariest things I’ve ever done. It’s more the idea of living somewhere you know so little about, although leaving my family and friends for a whole year was tough too. After nearly two days traveling, I arrived in Beijing with the 25 other Project Trust volunteers for China. As I stepped off the plane the first thing that hit me was the heat, really smoggy, damp heat. The next thing I […]

Xmas Travelling by Natalie Smyth

I’m six months into my gap year now, so that’s halfway through. To answer the question I get asked a lot by my family and friends, I’m still having a great time. It’s more difficult to try and get the most out of this year now that every day life seems exactly that- ordinary. Jane and I are really settled into life here now, with a regular routine, teaching, seeing our friends at lunch, meeting people after school, washing clothes in a bucket and so […]

Waiting to Leave for China by Natalie Smythe

Hi there! In about 3 weeks I’m going to be getting on a plane and flying off to spend a year volunteering in China. This seems like a very daunting prospect, but at the same time I’m so excited! I just think it’s amazing that this kind of opportunity is available to young people like me, if you told me a few years ago I would soon be teaching in rural China for a year I would not have believed you. I have made myself […]