Emma Ralph: 2nd report from Senegal

Since the last update, I’ve become more involved in the Fasjom evening classes for young girls who can’t attend school. It’s the part of the project that we feel the most passionate about so Josie (the other Project Trust volunteer) and I decided to increase our teaching hours. The classes used to run for two evenings a week, comprising of one French lesson and one maths lesson but we found that if the girls missed one lesson, it would really slow their progress and we […]

Emma Ralph – first report from Senegal

Salaam aleikum! In my third month as a Project Trust volunteer in Senegal, I am starting to feel very at home in this laid back country. I am teaching a 6e, 5e and two premiere classes (the equivalent to Year 7, 8 and the first year of 6th form.) I am still observing the older classes but I was thrown into the deep end with the younger ones. The kids are always enthusiastic to learn and I can’t wait to see them progress throughout the […]

Louis Pilard: footprinter report from Senegal

Footprinter Report #1: Imagining the Future It’s happened before. You spend so much time preparing to go on a journey or work on a project, whether it’s travelling, university or a new job, that you forget why you wanted to go in the first place. You forget to think about why the idea came to you in the first place. How much of it is just following the expected path? How much of it is genuine curiosity? How much of it is a trend? How […]