Learning Jainism and Buddhism by Susannah Morcowitz

I was really lucky this month to have had the opportunity to participate in the Eight Interfaith Workshop organised by His Holines the 14th Dalai Lama’s Foundation for Universal Responsibility. I spent a whirlwind 16 days with a mixed group of Tibetan monks and nuns, Tibetan students and of course Indian young people. We spend two intense days in each of the following faith centres for Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, studying and visiting temples and places of worship. I couldn’t possibly summarise […]

The Reality of Disability in India by Susannah Morcowitz

‘There are 70 million people in India with a disability, 95% of those have no access to education’. That is the equivalent of the whole of the UK not having access to education! In a recent article, entitled, ‘No country for disabled people’ Rema Nagarajan(Times of India, February 15th 2011) paints a very bleak picture for the prospects of people with disability in India. Most schools in India, including special educational needs schools and India’s top universities do not have any adapted access for persons […]

Susannah Morcowitz: Initial report

In just a couple of days I will be flying direct into Southern India. I will be spending the year in Bangalore volunteering with the Association of People with Disabilities (APD). The APD works with children, young people and adults with a range of different needs. They run a huge variety of projects and have developed several programmes for various disabilities categorised intotherapeutic services, training and employment and education and advocacy (see http://www.apd-india.org/ if you would like to know more about the range of projects […]