Tanzanian Secondary School has been “Made with Hope”

Pupil at CHETI Secondary

Last summer, we made a “third aim” grant of £8,900 to a wonderful UK-based charity called Made with Hope. A brand new school, CHETI Secondary, is now open thanks in part to this grant. Made with Hope should be very proud of bringing the very first secondary school to Nadaoito, a disadvantaged rural community near the city of Arusha. We are so thrilled with how everything has turned out, and wish all CHETI Secondary pupils and staff all the best of luck in the school’s first year! A school Made […]

Project Olbak Primary School – Summer 2013 by Annie Dixey

This year I travelled with 10 other students from Durham university travelled to a rural village in northern Tanzania to work with school children, to improve facilities in whatever way possible and necessary and to build water towers. Each one of us had a goal to raise money to fund the water tanks and a great deal of the project. On top of this we were lucky enough to receive a generous grant from Hazels Trust, to further improve the school. We arrived at the […]

Travels and Malaria by Angus Yellowlees

Right, well, where to start? I’ll start with safari (though I’ll try and keep it brief) because that happened just after I sent my last report. School broke up on the 29h of November, although I’d taken a week off because my friend from Earlston was flying out to see me and I didn’t want to be teaching while he was here. We spent a few days at the very North of the Island where the tourists flock and the sun is always shining. The […]

Hazel – Five Years On by Peter Moore

In the middle of a warm afternoon in July 2005, I walked into one of the charity shops that line Ludlow’s jumbled Tudor high street, and emerged ten minutes later having spent £5 on a cheerful-looking toy monkey. It was a few days before I was due to fly to Tanzania, where I was due to meet a group of 25 (ish) trembling adventurers at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain was one of the very first, and most significant, goals for the newly […]

Edinburgh Global Partnerships – New Vision School in Mugajwale

New Vision School in Mugajwale, northwest Tanzania, is an English-medium nursery and primary school, where pupils learn in Kiswahili and English as well as the local language Kihaya. Being able to speak English from an early age means that the children have a better chance of succeeding at Secondary school where all lessons are taught in English. It was started around 5 years ago through the efforts of Prosper Nduke, a local man who donated some of his land and drummed up support and funds […]

Funding announcements

Hazel’s Footprints Trust is delighted to announce several projects we are supporting under our Third Aims banner. Firstly, with generous financial help from the Craignish Trust in Edinburgh we are building a sports field and changing room in Xorikas which is a small town with very few facilities in the heart of Damaraland in Namibia. Although primarily for the school it will also be able to be used by the town as a whole giving a much needed recreational area to the community before the […]

The Roof of Africa – “In Hazel’s Footprints” Kilimanjaro Expedition 4th – 9th July 2005.

On Monday 4th July 2005, 25 rather nervous and apprehensive people stood around at the Machame Route gate waiting while our chief guide Abel organised all the 52 porters, 4 guides, 6 assistant guides, 2 cooks and 4 assistant cooks into some semblance of order, making sure that they all had their fair share of the incredibly heavy and awkward loads which make up the logistics and supplies for almost 100 people on the mountain for six days. The eager team! Kneeling from left;- Joan […]