George Matts cycling to Cape Town

cycling to africa

It has come to our attention that George Matts is about to embark on a fantastic cycle trip and will raise funds for Hazel’s Footprints as he bikes from Northamptonshire to Cape Town, yes Cape Town!!!! Visit his Justgiving page to help him with this huge challenge


And you can visit his website so you can keep up to date with his movements at:

In George’s own words

The plan is to cycle from Northamptonshire to Cape Town across the Europe to Greece hitching across the Mediterranean and down the East Coast of Africa. I’m setting off on my tod so if you happen to be in the Sudan around Christmas do look me up…!

This really will be an incredible challenge and one that I have had in the back of my mind for years. I’m not promising to pedal the whole way – or even get to Cape Town at all (a short stint in a Mauritanian jail and an impounded Toyota Hilux halted my 2006 trip). There are parts of my route that are just not feasible to cycle but I should be good for cracking on 15,000 + km.

Having decided to go on this incredibly selfish journey I need to claim a good reason for going on it good reasons don’t come much better than this is one.

I know its a tough time at the moment but I’m or rather (quick plug – please recommend it to your friends) are picking up the tab for all the costs so the money you give will be going to much more worthwhile causes than my bar tab so please dig deep.

I leave the second week of September so if I don’t see you beforehand take care and thanks for the donation.


Image credit: diegomolla