Grant-funded Hunar Ghar pupils get top marks!

We’ve just heard some  incredible results from Hunar Ghar school in rural Rajasthan. Every single pupil in Standard 5 class has been awarded an A grade in recent state board exams.  This is one of the schools we fund under our Third Aim.  It’s run by a superb team at Educate for Life, a UK charity responsible for running the project in India.

The 100% A grade success rate is completely unheard of in a rural school in India. That’s because the vast majority of parents in the area did not go to school themselves – and so these children are first generation learners.

About Hunar Ghar & Hazel’s Footprints

Hunar Ghar school is, quite simply, setting a new standard for education in rural India.  Ed Forrest, founder of Educate for Life, is passionate about supporting teachers to really engage their students.  They are using simple techniques to make a step-change in children’s attendance, learning, performance and quality of life.  One of the things that really sets this school apart is the way it works with the wider community to share the value of children going to school.  Under our “Third Aim”, the Trustees of Hazel’s Footprints unanimously agreed to fund two teachers salaries for two years starting from summer 2016.  We are so thrilled to see this school achieving so much.  Well done Standard V Class.  

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You can read more about the results here:

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