Ngambenyi – a “model” school in Kenya

We are so happy to hear from African Promise that Ngambenyi Primary School in Kenya, the rebuilding of which was fully funded by Hazel’s Footprints, has been recognised as a “model” school by its local County government.  

Charles Coldman, founder of African Promise, received a letter from the Honourable Daniel Mwakisha of the local County government over the summer. The letter praises African Promise for standard-setting work in the Kasigau region, and singles out Ngambenyi in particular:

“I note with a lot of appreciation that your organisation has built a model school – Ngambenyi Primary in Kasigau – which, as a County, we would like to benchmark and replicate.” 

We are already so proud of Ngambenyi, but this very “official” support of the school is the icing on the cake. Hazel dreamed of building a school for disadvantaged children, and now we are even more certain that she’d be beaming with pride at what has been achieved in her name.

Hazel’s Footprints continues to support Ngambenyi school via African Promise. The trustees recently committed to providing an annual funding donation of £5,000 to be put towards the running costs of the school.

Children attending Ngambenyi Primary School, Kenya - building funded by Hazel's Footprints and delivered by African Promise


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