Ngambenyi Update: April 2016

Ngambenyi 12042016

We recently heard from Charles Coldman, Director of African Promise, on the progress that’s being made at Ngambenyi school in Kenya.  We are so excited about this school: we are funding the entire school building project, the biggest we’ve ever done, and we made the decision having worked with Charles in much smaller ways on the other schools African Promise has supported in the area. African Promise are fantastic and doing all of the hard work needed to get this school off the ground…here is the update:

We have broken the back of the bulk of construction work on both the new and existing parts of the school – we only have the ceilings and screed flooring to complete now. A painter is on-site and he’s starting with the external walls and fascia; the engineers will visit in the next couple of weeks to fit the kitchen stoves; and the plumber will also arrive shortly to install the guttering ahead of the water storage tanks being delivered. Meanwhile, the parents are clearing and levelling around the site so that we can lay the stone pathways that will connect the various facilities.

School closed for the April holidays so African Promise hope to make good progress during the break to ensure learning is not disrupted.

Charles Coldman will be visiting in May and he’s expecting to see work at a very advanced stage.  The school will be finished by late summer.

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