Hector Wotherspoon’s final report from Ghana

Hector Wotherspoon in Ghana

As I sit here back home in my comfortable kitchen, it’s hard to believe that only four weeks ago I was standing up in front of a class of 55 pupils. It was 36 degrees and 99% humidity and I was teaching them about numeric bases and superlative adjectives, amongst other things. As cliché as it sounds, my time in Ghana has been the best experience of my life. I’ve spent eight months living in a completely new environment. I’ve met some amazing people, heard some incredible […]

Hector Wotherspoon: Footprinter off to Ghana

Hector Wotherspoon

15 days to go… and counting! I’m so excited to be heading out to Ghana in the New Year. “Woah, hold on a minute.. Ghana? I thought he was going to Nepal?”. Due to problems outwith both mine and Project Trust’s control I was unable to secure a visa to volunteer there. So Ghana it is! While I was very excited about the prospect of Nepal – Ghana seems just as good, if not a better, alternative. The project is really rural – just how […]