Enriching My Life by Ysabelle Thackery

Right, so I think I’m well due another report and here it is! I can’t believe I’ve been here 9 months now; the thought of going home in just 3 months is exciting but still surreal. I’m really settled into the Enrichment Centre and Mitchell House now; everyday I grow more and more confident and my responsibilities become greater. For example I now provide learning support twice a week for the pupils in the mainstream college; I assist students who are struggling in classes with […]

Settling In Report by Ysabelle Thackery

So, I’ve been in South Africa for about 2 months now and I think it’s about time I give you all an update on my experience so far. I arrived in Joburg on the 28th of August with 32 other volunteers who were placed all over South Africa and Swaziland. We spent a few days there, in a lovely backpacker called ‘The Ritz’. Along with a meeting with our country representative, we were treated to a tour of Soweto, the largest township in South Africa. […]

Ysabelle Thackery: Initial report

I’m Ysabelle Thackray, a 17 year old from Dunbar (Scotland) who decided it would be far too boring and make my mother far too content just to go straight to University. Instead I have decided to defer my place at Glasgow University for Medicine and will be jet setting off to South Africa for a year! My decision to take a gap year was made final when we received a talk from Project Trust at school. Project Trust is an educational charity based in on […]