Jem Warner: Final Report from Rwanda

After finishing at the Excel school, I then started working at the Rwamagana Protestant school, a secondary school. Here I taught Maths to slightly older students, whose English was very good. Once again, they were all so eager to learn and showed great interest. Children who go to school in Rwanda seem to be so grateful they have a chance at education and seem to have such a brilliant time when they are there. When I turned up at the school, all the children in […]

Jem Warner: Rwanda Report April 2016

I’ve come to appreciate a few more of the quirks of Rwandan life. People insist  – with rigour – that there is ‘no problem’, when sometimes there quite clearly is. They love to call white people ‘muzungu’ and for some reason ask if you want your beer cold or warm. Who wants a warm beer in the heat of east Africa?! I’ve been spending my weekends in the capital Kigali. It’s a place that has been transformed in recent years and looking at previous pictures, […]

Jem Warner: First Report from Rwanda

Rwanda is a country rich in culture and my time here so far has been incredible, with the bustle of Kigali, the tranquility of the countryside and the ubiquitous banana and avocado trees. Although I was initially a little apprehensive about the local cuisine, it turns out goat is quite tasty, and so is banana beer. Of course, Rwanda is a country with a recently dark past. The genocide of 1994 was on a huge scale, with an estimated one million people killed within 90 […]

Jem Warner: Report ahead of Rwanda

This is my first Footprinter report as I prepare to set off for Rwanda to teach Maths and English to disadvantaged children. My name is Jem, I am 18 and I live in Swanage in Dorset. I have just finished my A-levels at the Purbeck School in Wareham and I shall be studying Law at Durham University from October 2016. I am very ready to leave the sleepy town of Swanage, and see places completely different from the familiarity of Dorset. I am so grateful to […]