Update on Open Way Pre-Schools in Ethiopia

Main Shigesho school building in Ethiopia

In November 2017, Hazel’s Footprints agreed a grant of £3,600 for Open Way, a charity which supports pre-school education in rural Ethiopia.  The grant funds the  2018 running costs, including salaries, of 9 pre-school classes. One year on, we are very pleased to share an update on how well they’ve been getting on. The Trustees of Hazel’s Footprints are very impressed so far. Consequently, we have decided to that Open Way will receive funding for the same 9 classes again in 2019.   How the grant is being used […]

Grant-funded Hunar Ghar pupils get top marks!

We’ve just heard some  incredible results from Hunar Ghar school in rural Rajasthan. Every single pupil in Standard 5 class has been awarded an A grade in recent state board exams.  This is one of the schools we fund under our Third Aim.  It’s run by a superb team at Educate for Life, a UK charity responsible for running the project in India. The 100% A grade success rate is completely unheard of in a rural school in India. That’s because the vast majority of parents in the […]

Hazel’s Footprints at Wakadogo Library

It’s great to see a photograph of this sign outside Wakadogo Library in Uganda. If you’d like to read more about our involvement with this library project there are more photographs and news items here. You can also read their 2014 report by clicking on this link.

Exciting News from African Promise

We’ve recently had some exciting news from Charles Coldman, the director of African Promise, who provide better primary schools for Kenyan children. HFT is building and funding the whole project – and we’re really pleased to see it all coming together. Here’s a little extract from an email we received from Charles. You’ll be delighted to hear that I am out here to finalise the plans for Ngambenyi and to launch the project. Please find attached a final site plan which shows the proposed layout […]

News from Azafady in Madagascar

Azafady is a UK charity and Malagasy NGO working on sustainable development in southeast Madagascar and a few years ago we donated £9,500 towards their project to build a new school. It now seems that progress is coming along. First of all, you can browse through some recent photographs of the construction work on Facebook. Then you can read a blog by one of our own footprinters, Eve Hadshar, who has been working on the project. A full report on the school project is coming […]

A Happy Start to 2015 from Team Kenya

The New Year brings new students applying for sponsorship. Team Kenya is currently campaigning to send 20 girls to school with the #TeamKenya20 campaign. Check it out on our Facebook, Twitter and website www.teamkenya.org.uk We are all extremely happy with the support provided by Hazels Footprint Trust and we have some good news! Two of our tutors are now off to University! Meet Calvince Calvince is now in University studying to be a teacher. We know he will do a great job! Calvince scored a […]

Wakadogo Library

Third update on school library building in Acoyo village, northern Uganda (News just in from Acoyo in Uganda!) Thank you so much to the Trustees of Hazel’s Footprints Trust’s for the generous donation of £12,000, made to Project Shelter Wakadogo  on 5th January 2014. We promised to use these funds to build a library at Wakadogo School–the first in Acoyo village. This important investment in education will serve over 400 students by the time it opens. Thank you from us all at Wakadogo. The library […]

Updates from Kisimenyi Primary & Wakadogo

We’ve just had two reports in from some fantastic project. The first is at Kisimenyi Primary School in Kenya: In this report we update you on the current situation at Kisimenyi Primary following completion of our major, two-year rehabilitation project at the school in September 2013. It includes news on the introduction of a pupil feeding programme, the on-going beautification and landscaping of the school grounds, and on our plans for the future. Click here to read the full PDF report And the second is […]

Update from Madaraka Community School in Kenya

(We’ve received this report from the Madaraka School in Kenya – £3000 which is money well spent by the sounds of it!- Well done to Hannah Headden and all those involved) Madaraka Primary School was originally set up and run by Kenyan youth in order to offer free primary education to children from low-income families and more particularly orphans and vulnerable children within the area of Likoni, Mombasa. After a local government primary school refused education to 20 orphaned children, several local youth aged from […]

Update from HFT HQ – Summer 2013

The all new Hazel’s Footprints Website By Bill Scott Aiton Welcome to our fantastic all-new website.  A huge huge thanks to Pete Moore for all the hours of work he has put in to get it up and running.  I’m not sure he realized what an undertaking he was volunteering for but you’ll all agree I’m sure what a great job he has done. We only hope that Hazel appreciated what an amazing and loyal group of friends she had around her at school and […]

Kianda Transition Class Report

The Building Work When our centre in Kianda village of Kibera slum (Nairobi, Kenya) closed for Christmas holidays, building work for our new Transition classroom and microfinance office began. We had bought the land a couple of months prior to the building work starting and were waiting for the compound to be clear of chil-dren before we began the work. In the space of a week the structure was up, built and almost finished. Although the building is basic, it does the job and will […]

News from Kisimenyi Primary in Kenya

Hazel’s Footprints have donated £13200 to African Promise to help in the construction of new classrooms and girls loos. Here’s their update on the project. Current status – building-by-building/ Nursery school – decorating has recently been completed and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Office – decorating was completed before Christmas and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Timber shelving and cupboard doors need to be fitted. We will use furniture from the existing staffroom and offices. Library – […]

Project Sekoly in Madagascar

Thanks to a generous donation of £9,500 from Hazel’s Footprints Trust, Azafady is able to initiate the fourth and final stage of Project Sekoly, assisting the community of Mahatalaky with the provision of a new middle school complex containing eight classrooms, a latrine and clean drinking water well. As a result of this grant from Hazel’s Footprints Trust a school building with two fully furnished classrooms will be built. This update details activities undertaken between January 2011 and September 2011 including the construction of the […]

Project Report A new kitchen at Sarah Ntiiro High School, Uganda

In August 2010, Hazel’s Footprints Trust gave PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) a grant of £7,100 to build a permanent kitchen building at Sarah Ntiiro High School in Eastern Uganda. This is a report on that project, which has now been mostly completed (apart from painting the exterior of the building). Need for the project: Sarah Ntiiro High School is in situated in Eastern Uganda near Mayuge. It opened in 2009 and up until now provided lunch for its 117 students from a temporary […]

Funding report: Eramba School by Sophie Rodgers

During the two months of July and August 2009, I spent my time at Eramba Mixed Secondary School in the Kisii region of Kenya working on a sustainable resource investment project whereby myself and my project partner bought over 550 textbooks and spent more than £500 on science equipment for the 220 students. The aim of the project was to do what we could to boost exam results in this small rural school by giving them a more concrete foundation for education through providing the […]

Cameroon Library Update

Joe Abel has sent us another few photos of the Lycee de Lara Library in the Cameroons we built last year. Maybe Ben and his merry gang on Rally Africa can call in on their way by next December ….if they are still going by then as the finish is in Kribi in the Cameroons!!!

Funding Report: Action for Children in Conflict by Jo Bayley

In October 2008 I began a year long voluntary placement with Action for Children in Conflict, a UK based charity which works in Thika, Kenya to prevent and rehabilitate street children.  Although Hazel’s Footprints Trust were unable to support me with my personal costs whilst volunteering, they made a kind and generous donation to Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) and, over the course of my placement, I was able to see this money put to extremely good use. AfCiC work to transform the lives […]

Edinburgh Global Partnerships – New Vision School in Mugajwale

New Vision School in Mugajwale, northwest Tanzania, is an English-medium nursery and primary school, where pupils learn in Kiswahili and English as well as the local language Kihaya. Being able to speak English from an early age means that the children have a better chance of succeeding at Secondary school where all lessons are taught in English. It was started around 5 years ago through the efforts of Prosper Nduke, a local man who donated some of his land and drummed up support and funds […]

Cameroon’s Library

The library building for the Lycee de Lara in Cameroon was finished at the end of June 2008. The Library has a large reading room, a space for the librarian to work in and an office. It’s equipped with two long tables with benches either side and a large bookshelf. The building would have been finished much earlier, but the work was delayed for two months because of a shortage of cement that affected the whole of Cameroon. We received four parcels of books, about […]

News from Vietnam

Jenny Flynn is working wonders out in Viet Nam now she has returned from the USA for a further year. Below are extracts from her and Mr Viet’s latest news report:- A Message from Mr Viet – Executive Director: Despite of the high inflation rate, pricing up and bad weather, we have been still able to have another successful year of operation. Many disadvantaged lives have been changed in the past year. We have been able to make all of them happy again and they […]